What is Biofield Tuning?

Biofield tuning is a non-invasive, therapeutic modality, that uses specific acoustics and vibration on and around the body to give targeted feedback to the areas of our body that are not functioning optimally. Used both diagnostically and therapeutically to hear noise in your field (incoherence), Biofield Tuning untangles and reintegrates this static to reset the flow of communication within the body’s system. Reducing the biofield’s disorganized “static” increases the body’s voltage, potentially making it less hospitable to virus, parasite, and fungal growth, and brings the brain and body back to coherence and into an induced state of relaxation and calm (homeostasis). It is in this state that the body’s innate ability to heal, both physically and emotionally, is facilitated.

Following a session, client’s report experiencing:

Increased calm
Increased focus and vitality
Decreased anxiety
Decreased pain
Decreased fatigue
Decreased brain fog
Fewer digestive complaints
A feeling of being “less reactive to my environment”
An ability to move through “feeling stuck”

Work With Me

I love when my clients leave a session feeling relaxed. Even better, is when I follow up and hear them say, “I’m not sure if it was the Biofield Tuning session…but something feels really different.”

Nothing brings me more hope and joy than those words.

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