“Working with Renee has been an incredible experience. Renee shares herself generously and vulnerably. She created a safe space and held my energy in a sincere and sacred way.

Renee quickly zeroed into where I have been really stuck and guided me in a way I didn’t even realize I needed. She connected deeply with my body, spirit and energy.

Before working with Renee my life as moving extremely fast and often felt out of control. Renee provided the opportunity to pause and focus on my body with her guidance and direction. Renee helped me to recognize barriers to improving my health and moving forward into my life. As a result of the release provided through Biofield Tuning my coherence was increased as was my ability to move into alignment with my vision for the future. My wellbeing and anxiety are much improved through this surprising and comforting experience.

Renee is a talented and caring clinician who provides an expert care with this long trusted modality.”

-Willow, 46
Bend, Oregon

“After trying just about every remedy to help de-stress and lower my anxiety, I decided to try Biofield Tuning with Renee. After the first session, I felt a huge release of tension. With each subsequent visit, I felt more in control of my anxiety in a lasting way that other treatments did not provide.

Renee is so knowledgeable, nurturing and empathetic. She and her tuning forks picked up on so many things in my body that I never shared with her – from past injuries and traumas to long-held emotional burdens. She was diligent and patient in working with me through and releasing these tangles. Renee is truly a wonder.”

-Vanessa B.

“I wholeheartedly recommend Biofield Tuning sessions with Renee. She makes me comfortable, both physical and emotionally before a session. She checks in throughout the session to maintain this level of comfort. For me, the effects of Biofield Tuning include sensations of release, relief, peace, joy and renewal. I know that I am in safe hands with Renee. If you are new to tuning, Renee is informative and interested in sharing the roots and possibilities of the practice. She is the loveliest person with which to work.”

-Kristen A.

“Not only was I surprised that it actually helped, but by how quickly Biofield Tuning made me feel better. I was in so much pain and tried everything – stretching and using a rubber ball to apply pressure, heat and ice. I tried massage, which brought some relief, but the pain would always return within 24 hours. I was also super surprised that I could feel the warmth and tingling brought on by the forks, exactly where my pain was. Honestly, I am completely happy and shocked that my pain went away and stayed away.”

-Brandon B.

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